NES Godzilla Creepypasta Wiki

NES Godzilla: Replay is the ongoing sequel to the NES Godzilla Creepypasta.


The story follows a man named Carl, who gets the same cartridge Zach sold on Ebay some time after the events of the first creepypasta.

Soon after purchasing the cartridge, both Zach and Carl discuss about the game. Unlike Zach, Carl is no Godzilla expert, but he recalls seeing some of the franchise's movies (presumably during his childhood).

After setting up the TV-to-Computer connection, and opening his screencap application, he starts to play the game.

Right from the get go, the ''LAST GAME'' option is missing, meaning that the game has wiped out any trace from the last adventure, and, according to Zach, 'has recreated itself again'' since he last played it.

The changes in this playthrough are much more radical compared to the first game. And as he gets himself involved into a new adventure, he's about to find out the origins behind the game itself as it preys on his deadly curiosity...